Goddess Sheet 10.75in x 16.5in

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The nonstick thermal sheet that reminds you which side is up.

The Goddess Sheet is sure to become your indispensable fusing tool. It combines slick Teflon coated sheer fiberglass - for a long-lasting, nonstick transparent sheet that puts a helpful glossy sheen on fused surfaces - with the Goddess Curve.

Inspired by the goddesses of antiquity, the Goddess Curve is your reliable guide to accident-free fusing. It helps you dedicate one side of the sheet to your iron only and the other side to contact with fusible. The glossy sheen is there to make it obvious which side of your fabric has the Mistyfuse on it. Designed to be used with all fusibles, the Goddess Sheet is also suitable for all types of crafts. Size: 16.5 x 10.75 inches.