Bee Coloring Book Zipper Bag In the Hoop by Sue O'Very

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FREE online video with step-by-step instruction.Coloring is both a relaxing and creative hobby. No matter the age, everyone can color and most importantly, feel like an artist. This machine embroidery design is made entirely In The Hoop, ITH. It's a fast and fun way to express your unique creative side. The bags are constructed entirely in the hoop, including zipper insertion, back pocket, optional strap and it's fully lined. Only a little hand stitching required. Coloring Book Zipper Bag In The Hoop - Butterfly This set of bags features an Enchanted Bee. The 5"x7" and 6"x10" sizes have two options, with and without a flower in the upper left-hand corner of the bag. Bring this design to life by using fabric markers adding your own touch of color.Designs included come in three (3) sizes, requiring an embroidery machine using these size hoops or larger: 4"x4", 5"x7" & 6"x10".Bag finished dimensions are: Small 3-3/4"x3-3/4", Medium 7"x5", Large 10"x6".