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Grandma's Attic
Come on an exciting treasure hunt with Eleanor Burns as she explores Grandma's Attic. Discover a cache of charming collectibles long since forgotten. Traditional quilt patterns, as popular today as when Grandma was young, will challenge and delight novice and experienced quilters. Marvel as Eleanor recycles forgotten treasures into useful nostalgic articles for today.
#901 A Star for all Seasons Click here for book
Name your favorite season and watch Eleanor's star studded method turn blocks into placemats or a table runner.
#902 Sunbonnet Sue, Part 1 Click here for book
Eleanor brings new meaning to applique when she introduces Sunbonnet Sue and Suspender Sam, those time honored youths who have kept their charm for nearly one hundred yenrs.
#903 Sunbonnet Sue, Part 2 Click here for book
The blocks are done! As in a snapshot, the children are captured in their playful poses and ready to be called together into a quilt top.
#904 Bird's Eye Quilt, Part 1 Click here for book
Geometric design at its best! Feather your nest with a few fabrics and watch simple strip piecing hatch into perfect blocks.
#905 Bird's Eye Quilt, Part 2 Click here for book
The blocks are squared and ready to take formation as either the classic style or with lattice and cornerstones.
#906 Burgoyne Surrounded Quilt, Part 1
A call to arms! Join Eleanor as she sews a battle plan, a strip pieced traditional quilt dating back to the Revolutionary War.
#907 Burgoyne Surrounded Quilt, Part 2
The battle is nearly won! The blocks are made and strategically set together with lattice that unifies the action.
#908 Snowball Quilt, Part 1 Click here for book
Shape your snowball quilt in one of several "looks" and watch Eleanor strip piece nine-patches between the simple snowball blocks.
#909 Snowball Quilt, Part 2 Click here for book
Aim and set the blocks together with just the right turn. Borders and finishing steps complete the quilt.
#910 Drunkard's Path Quilt, Part 1
Just try to walk a straight line! The versatility of this patch lends itself to countless combinations.
#911 Drunkard's Path Quilt, Part 2
You've planned your quilt, but take time to play with the blocks. You'll be dizzy as you see other overall patterns emerge. What a finale as Eleanor finishes the quilt using a quilting machine.
#912 Recycling Treasures from Grandma's Attic, Part 1 Click here for book
Discover a treasure housed in the "attic" as Grandma's Flower Garden blooms on a Fanny Pack, and Yo Yo's embellish collars and vests. Explore ingenious ways to turn family "forgottens" into treasures for today.
#913 Recycling Treasures from Grandma's Attic, Part 2 Click here for book
Recycle favorite old fabric pieces into charming "Wearable Art". You'll create a Crazy Quilt Vest and share innovative ideas on turning old pieces of quilts, blocks, buttons, and lace into useful new items.
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